Sealine F33 Heads Floorwell Shower Tray
We don't tend to take showers onboard our Sealine F33 that often, but when we do, it's a bit of pain when you're drying off that you're standing on a wet surface.

I decided to make a wooden shower tray for the heads footwell.

To begin, I made a crude template using wrapping paper and tape; considerably easier than trying to start with cardboard.

I copied this onto cardboard and checked the fit again, though if I'm honest, this was actually my 2nd cardboard version.

I used this to lay out the shape and measure the lengths of the slats. Using 40mm x 10mm hardwood, with 10mm gaps between the slats, I needed 12 lengths of 1000 x 40 x 10mm Iroko hardwood (African Teak) - bought from Wood Starr.

To build the deck, I decided it was easier to lay out the 18 slats upside down, so I flipped the template and laid everything out there. The gaps between the support bars are 80mm.

I selected a polyurethane wood adhesive because, unlike standard PVA wood glue, the polyurethane type is waterproof (in fact it helps curing if you wipe the timber down with a wet cloth before applying the adhesive).

Having glued all the supporting bars to the slats, I left it overnight to fully cure and then trimmed the edges to the final shape. Then I did a trial fit down at the boat.

Thankfully, my efforts with the templates paid off and it slotted in perfectly.

Returning home, I did the final sanding and added numerous silicone rubber feet. The supplied screws do pass through a few mm into the main slats, so I expect this will add a little strength. These feet are needed to allow the water to drain off effectively, meaning that the tray should never be fully immersed and will dry out easily.
In case you're wondering why there is a two slat gap at the bottom, this is where it sits over the F33 shower drain.

Overall, I'm pleased with the result; finished off with the same teak oil I use on the decks.

Final fit:-

23rd April 2023