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Here you'll find my thoughts on anything and everything. Google will force me to "upgrade" my existing site to their new standards quite shortly. Several of my pages are broken when automatically migrated, so I figured I should move some things here while I decide whether to carry on using Sites to host my information.
My Google Site
About Me
Welcome to my home page. My interests include the following :-
My faith - Christianity.
My Family
Computing (especially programming and database development - PHPrunner, Visual BASIC / VBA, Paradox/OPL, PHP, Javascript, and formerly VB, QB, Psion OPL, and various languages on the Atari ST and even older computers)
Anything to do with Science and/or Engineering, Metallurgy
Walking, sightseeing (see above).
Star Trek (but not to the extent of learning Klingon or anything OTT!). My favourites are in this order : TNG, Voyager, TOS, DS9. Still not sure about Discovery but Picard was pretty good.
Films / Cinema. My favourite films are, in no particular order Bladerunner, Star Trek : First Contact, Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, and the first Star Trek reboot.

I'm a Chartered Engineer, and work in the Oil & Gas industry as a Materials & Corrosion Engineer. I live in Lowestoft, England.
Runhood Rallye 1200 Powerstation
I don't often advertise stuff on my site, but I thought I'd share this one because it's such a good deal. I've been looking for something capable of running a 1kW kettle but capable units are normally over £1000. I've signed up to this kickstarter because early adopters can get one for just $499 delivered.
The kickstarter finished on 12th June though, so there isn't long if you want to join me.
Runhood Rallye 1200 Powerstation Becomes Main Site for all Welding-Related File Downloads
In future I'm going to separate all my welding utilities out from my hobby-related ones, and post all new ones at
I've recently added a spreadsheet to conduct ferrite calculations mased on Schaeffler, WRC 1992, and DeLong methodolgy there - a big improvement on the Scaheffler one posted here.
Boat Bridge Height Sensor
How to build an ultrasonic distance sensor to measure bridge clearance for a boat that broadcasts the data to a mobile phone or tablet.
Raspberry Pi Zero W Ultrasonic Distance Server
Connecting the Digital Yacht Nomad AIS to Raymarine e95 Using the HF2211 WiFi Serial Server
New article on a versatile cheap serial server.
New Video
New video on using construction lines in QuickCAD
QuickCAD : Construction Lines
New Video
New for version 4.2, 'Set Boundary' defines an area for horizontal and vertical flip transformations and Selection Scope makes it easier to delete, copy, move, or alter the attributes of just one or more tool objects.
QuickCAD : Boundaries and Selection Scope