Echo Dot Wall Mount (3D Printing)
We have an original Echo Dot in the lounge. I wanted to position it close to our favourite seats but out of sight.

Most wall mounts I have seen hold the echo with its base against the wall, but that would not be optimum in this case because it would leave the microphone array pointing at the back of the sofa. Alternatively I could have mounted it higher; above the Dado rail and top of the sofa. The downside of this approach is that you would see it and there's a higher possibility of it picking up sound from the TV.

So I designed this wall mount:-

Printed this in ABS and, as it's for use in the lounge, I vapour-smoothed it using Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Butanone) :-

(You can also use Acetone)

Here it is in use:-