Light Fitting Retainer Clip Repair (3D Printing)
When I replaced my Targa 27 with a Sealine F33 there were inevitably a couple of niggles; that's the nature of boats !

One of the light fittings in the guest cabin was not attached due to broken retainer clips/lugs (only 2 out of 8 left !). As these are completely internal, we don't need anything fancy to fix them.

Originally I thought about printing a complete ring that would sit inside the old rim but this would not have stressed the clips across the printer layers which isn't ideal. Eventually I decided that it would be best to make glue-in replacements that fitted the curvature of the inner ring:-

3D model view of retainer clips

I printed half a dozen but only needed to use two :-

3D printed retainer clips as printed and glued into light fitting

As they were a very snug fit I could use superglue to complete the job. Worked first time and popped in perfectly :)