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PsiDat - Example Databases

The example PsiDat databases and templates on this page provide a good starting point for those interested in creating their own databases. Where the databases have been generously provided by other PsiDat users (more soon I hope !), I can't offer any support on the files - but I have included the author's readme.txt file in the archive.

If you would like to submit an example, please

Title & Description

Submitted By



A task manager created by Peter Rand. Fairly self-explanatory, but the the author has included some tips within the template's records

Peter Rand

psitasks.zip (4KB)


An incremental backup system to allow altered files to be backed up to compact flash. Just create a new record, select the file to be backed-up on drive C: in the dialog, and run the backup routine from the custom menu. Anytime you run this routine, the application will check any changed/missing files and ask you what action you'd like to take.

This is version 2 (17/01/2004) - you can now alter the default backup path by changing the entry in the BackupPath table.

I use this utility regularly for keeping backups of my source code, contacts, agenda, and important files.

Tip : if you use Opera, it's well worth including its bookmarks file.

Kevin Millican

 psidatback.zip (6KB)


A Jotter for PsiDat that is designed to complement the Treepad application. It has dedicated import / export routines for Treepad embedded as custom OPL code and available from the user-menu.

For more information on the PC application itself, visit the Treepad Website 

Kevin Millican

treepad-psidat.zip (4KB)

Marine Log

A fairly simple database that demonstrates use of the direct GPS NMEA interpretation built-in to PsiDat. It would be a fairly simple operation to restructure the table and add any number of custom fields to suit both motorised and sail-powered craft.

The reporting and HTML output can be used to create hardcopy logs if required.

Kevin Millican

 marinelog-psidat.zip (1KB)


A database that is designed to parse HTML pages from Steve Litchfield's PocketInfo site and create individual records for each item to make a searchable index (details).

Kevin Millican

pocketinfo-psidat.zip (50KB)

EricssonTones v2.02

A database of over 430 Ericsson ringtones that incorporates custom code to upload the melody to the phone via infrared. The appropriate modem command is also copied to the clipboard for possible use with non-IrDA phones.

Some of the original tones had an unfriendly format that would not work on all phones. The original is retained, but the program will also convert this to a format that can be pasted into 'PhoneMan' or Ericsson's 'MyPhone' utility. The custom code also includes a menu option to preview the ringtone on the EPOC machine.

Version 2.02 supports up to 8 melody slots and has had numerous additions / deletions from previous versions.

Please read the Readme.txt file carefully before installing.

Kevin Millican


ericssontones-psidat.zip (72KB)

Trip Log

A group of utilities designed to make the record-keeping tasks of a commercial driver in the USA less onerous. Include's the authors documentation in EPOC Jotter format.

David Hammack

triplog-psidat.zip (4KB)


A time logging application that can track time spent on a number of projects and generate summary reports as printed output or HTML export

Kevin Millican

timelogger-psidat.zip (2KB)


A complete asset management program which calculates interest income, converts assets into three different currencies and provides summaries at the touch of the button.

Peter Rand

assetdb-psidat.zip (7KB)


A PsiDat file that can be used to store favourite URLs along with descriptions. A calculated text field creates the required HTML tags and the 'Export HTML' option can be used to create a completely working user-customised home page containing clickable links (example).

Kevin Millican

mylinks-psidat.zip (4.4KB) 

Graph v1.2 (Updated to match v1.24 menus)

An auto-scaling graphing application. Demonstrates how a user-application can sit on top of the PsiDat application and be included in a single PsiDat database file. Full source code is provided too. Also illustrates how easy it is to provide menu-driven filters within a user-defined menu.

Many possibilities for real-life data sampling applications too. Eg. :- by making the X variable a calculation based on the Date (ie. '[5]' as the calculation), you could use this to record Y-variable data v. an automatic datestamp.

Kevin Millican

 graph-psidat.zip (8.7KB)


Three examples showing how user-defined OPL routines can be incorporated into PsiDat

Kevin Millican

 usermenu-psidat.zip (10.9KB)


A large sample database containing nutritional information on 6210 food products. Unarchives to a 2.2MB file. Typical search time to find matching text near the end of the file :- 4.7 seconds (on a RevoPlus). The import from a (3.3MB) dBASE file was performed by PsiDat - the only changes were to add the fieldname aliases, remove the 10.3 number format, and add a small index.

Kevin Millican

fooddata-psidat.zip (587KB) 


A fully functional registration database for shareware authors. Contains source code that can be modified to generate your own application(s)' registration codes and on calculation will generate a standard registration response and copy it to the clipboard complete with the user's name and code.

Kevin Millican

regcodes-psidat.zip (3.5KB) 

Example : The PsiDat Graph application in action.

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Sunday, 13 August 2006