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PC Programs

Link Description
PassThru32... PassThru32 runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and allows a palmtop computer (or and other type of computer with a serial port) to use a PC's modem and/or printer.
PassThru (43KB) This is the old DOS version of PassThru

I wrote this program to enable me to use a PC's internal modem with my series 5. I have successfully accessed the Web and BBS services up to 33.6k modem speed.

The program will work at valid speeds up to 115200 baud and basically sends all input from one serial port to the other and vice versa. Fax is possible provided you specify a PassThru modem port baud rate of 19200

It is possible to specify different speeds for each port.

Ports 1-4 are supported and by default COM1 and COM2 exchange data. However if you press <space> instead of <enter> after running the program you can change this. It is also possible to use alternative IRQ numbers to the standard ones. If you change a port then it defaults to the standard IRQ but you can then alter it.

Your settings are saved each time in PASSTHRU.INF so that you can just press <enter> once you have the right settings.

This program has been superceded by PassThru32
PrinThru (34KB) This DOS program is a replacement for Psion's RPRINT utility - easier to set up and operates up to 115200 baud. This has been tested extensively with a Series 5 but should also work with the 3c/3mx and any palmtop that can print directly to a serial printer. This utility has been superceded by a 32-bit version included within PassThru32
Buttonize (14KB) Simple program for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP designed to create 3D raised and depressed buttons from simple images. Ideally used via the clipboard. Requires VBRUN300.DLL
QuickCAD (160KB) QuickCAD is a vector drawing utility for Windows 3.1, 3.11, and 95. It also runs reasonably well under Windows 98 & XP. The program is freeware to individuals and educational establishments. It has a concise set of drawing tools including excellent arc drawing capability. Acts as a DDE server so it is easy to link into user-written applications such as databases etc. Files produced are very small (typically 1/3 equivalent GIF) but can easily be sent over the Internet because they only contain text. Online documentation and manuals available in Word and Windows Write formats.

This program was originally written for drafting Weld run-out diagrams as a tool for Welding Engineers but it has numerous other applications and is also a useful addition to other draw/paint programs. The Psion Downloads page includes a QuickCAD compatible file reader (QCD-READ).

The author would like to express his thanks to George Wright for the sample cartoon sketches, face1.qcd and face2.qcd.

NB: to keep the download time to a minimum files are zipped and VBRUN300.DLL has been omitted. Unarchive to a temporary directory and run SETUP.EXE
You must have VBRUN300.DLL available in your windows\system directory to run this program.
KM-Dial (13KB) Fully configurable dialer program for Windows 3.1, 3.11, and 95. Freeware. Features shortcut buttons and directory search.

You must have VBRUN300.DLL available in your windows\system directory to run this program.
KM-Link (1.5MB) A file transfer/remote file browsing utility that allows two Psions or a Psion and a PC to exchange files (it's the Windows bit that makes this archive so large)
Z88Link (11KB) Windows program that duplicates the function of PC-Link file transfers with a Cambridge Z88

You must have VBRUN300.DLL available in your windows\system directory to run this program

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Sunday, 15 February 2004