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PassThru32 v1.07

PassThru32 is a utility that allows Palmtop computers to use a modem and/or printer attached to a PC running Windows 95/98/NT. This allows palmtop users to 'borrow' these facilities to pick up their email or print via a PC that doesn't have the standard connectivity software installed. Basically it uses the PC as as interface between the palmtop device and the peripheral as this screenshot demonstrates :-

I have prepared a FAQ to assist with the most common questions about PassThru.

Download pssthr32.zip v1.07 (128KB)


NB: This used to be a very useful utility, but with more and more PC's being connected through ADSL or utilising WinModems, the interest has waned.

I am therefore pleased to report that as of 5th August 2003, this program is now freeware.

To use the higher baud rates, you will need to enter the following registration name and code :-


NB: The old DOS versions of PassThru and PrinThru can be found Here

Part of the design criteria for this software is that it should be of minimal size and run directly from a floppy disk. This is necessary because in many situations it is undesirable (and often not permitted) to install software onto a borrowed PC.

It is envisaged that users will carry a floppy disk and their palmtop serial cable with them when, eg., they are away on business. By running PassThru from a floppy it is possible to connect to the internet and pick up your email or print to the attached printer without installing anything on the host PC.
Care should be taken to check the floppy for viruses regularly or write-protect it to ensure that it doesn't pick up any - the last thing I want is for anyone to spread these extreme forms of anti-social behaviour about !

You can learn a bit more about the use of this utility by clicking on the two links below. They are specific to the Psion Series 5 but the principles will apply to any palmtop device.

Using PassThru for Printing

Using PassThru to Borrow a PC's Internal Modem

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Sunday, 15 February 2004