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ChaDis7 - netBook / Series 7 Battery Monitor

ChaDis7 is a freeware battery monitoring program for the Series 7 and Netbook. You can download the latest (v1.03) SIS file (or a zipped version) here :-

chadis7.sis | chadis7.zip

Important : ChaDis7 should only be installed to drive C:

You can review the latest changes in the revision history


The program is supplied as freeware and comes with no warranty of any kind. Although I haven't experienced any difficulties or clashes with any other software, like all freeware you use it at your own risk. By using the software you imply your acceptance of these conditions.

Nevertheless, if you do observe any problems I would be most grateful to hear about them and help in any way I can.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004