ChaDis7 - Revision History

Revision Details
1.03 Added option to show times as HH:MM:SS

Added display of last full charge date and choice of date format.
1.02 Speeded up redrawing of the main graph.

Improved sensing of full charge so that dT is reset to zero properly if the battery voltage suddenly rises by more than 0.5V and is over 12V (ie. when machine is charged while off).

Added ability to reset the dT counter to zero manually.

Fixed minor bug that caused readings to be stored at 31 second intervals instead of 30 second ones.

Added export routine (creates C:\Chadis7Data.txt file). Fairly self-explanatory but last column shows whether the machine was connected to external power or not at the time of the reading.

Added option to scroll the data left manually. The user also has the option to do this automatically when the right hand limit of the graph is reached instead of wrapping round to the beginning.
1.01 Reduced processor overhead when running in the background.

Changed external power display to graphical icons instead of text.

Improved battery graphics (ie. main battery is now a photograph of a real Netbook battery instead of an AA cell).

Added menu to allow the user to display an 'About' dialog and set general preferences.

Made it possible for the user to disable other programs from closing ChaDis7

(NB: this version incorrectly identifies itself as v1.10)
1.00 Initial Release


Friday, 30 May 2003