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ChaDis - Revo Battery Status Monitor

chadis.zip (13KB) v1.05

For more Info on Revo Charging, click here.

ChaDis is an advanced Battery Monitor application for the Psion Revo/Revo Plus. It can estimate your remaining time allowing you to optimise your charging cycles. It can also warn you if the docking station is fast charging when 100% battery level has been achieved and help you to avoid cooking your batteries !

Once in use, the program will base its estimations on your actual use patterns and allow you to see any degradation in overall battery performance.

1. Unarchive chadis.zip and install ChaDis.SIS

2. Backup your Revo before running ChaDis (or at least once while ChaDis is not running). This avoids 'Can't backup ChaDis.APP because file is open' errors later on.


The program is supplied as freeware and comes with no warranty of any kind. Although I haven't experienced any difficulties or clashes with any other software, like all freeware you use it at your own risk. By using the software you imply your acceptance of these conditions.

Nevertheless, if you do observe any problems I would be most grateful to hear about them and help in any way I can.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004