QuickCAD version 4.2 by Kevin Millican

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QuickCAD is a freeware tool originally developed for producing weld run-out sketches and macro-hardness diagrams.

QuickCAD version 4.2 is a native 32bit executable that runs directly from a folder on 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows from XP through to Windows 10; no DLLs or OCX files are required. Routines rewritten to use standard Windows API calls and a couple of new features. These include the ability to limits multiple selections to specific tools (eg. you can highlight a whole drawing and change all the text colour without affecting any other drawing elements)

Significant improvements over version 4.1, including: direct saving to JPEG, dotted/dashed lines, built-in arrowheads, set boundary feature for improved exports and flip horizontal/vertical transformations, new Mark tool, and better handling of custom colours.
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