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Psion Series 3 Programs

Link Description
RUS (7KB) Really Useful Stopwatch for the Psion 3a/3c/Siena.

Features accurate 1/100 sec. timing, elapsed time, and support for user-developed OPL programs. This program is fully functional shareware.
WEsSAK (28KB) Welding Engineer's Swiss Army Knife v2.07 for Psion 3c/Siena (Also for 3a excluding IR transfers). Preheat calculation, ferrite determination using Schaeffler/DeLong/WRC91 methods, purging, CEQ, PREN, UCS calculations, unit conversions, and parameter monitoring / procedure recording software. User can specify consumables and choose whether or not to use ROL/Stub or WireFeed/TravelSpeed estimates. Program keeps track of when welders were last checked automatically. The three database files are standard DATA applications and can be manipulated using the Psion's built-in Data program as well. Full documentation included as a WRD file. Program is fully functional shareware with no limitations and the RUS stopwatch is built-in to the main program code.

Supplied zipped - unarchive the WESSAK.WRD document to your Psion \WRD directory, open it and follow the installation directions contained therein. (You must create the directory \APP\WELDHEAT and copy the *.DBF files into it in order for WEsSAK to run). Copy WEsSAK.OPA to your \APP directory and install from the Psion system menu.
Pdox2DBF (29KB) Paradox for Windows 4.5 form for outputting any Paradox table to various text formats plus support for the DBF2TEXT utility supplied by Psion (included). Using this form you can select any Paradox table and convert it to a Psion datafile complete with labels. Freeware but only of use to Paradox users. The form has also been tested under Paradox 7 but it should be noted that your database should reside in DOS-compatible directories so that long names are not involved (these can cause problems with the DOS program that is called to effect the conversion)
QCD-Read (13KB) QuickCAD file reader for the Psion 3a/3c/Siena complete with OPL source code. Freeware
CrackIt... CrackIt is a Psion 3a/3c/Siena utility developed to perform level 2 fracture mechanics in accordance with British Standard PD6493 : 1991

An EPOC version offering additional functionality (including some BS7910 features) is also available.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004