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PsiDat - International Support

PsiDat is enabled for international language support. As of 28 February 2002 there are five alternate language variants available (Dutch, French, German, Italian, & Spanish are included in the PsiDat.ZIP and PsiDat-WINS.ZIP archives) but it is easy to create your own language version as follows:-

  1. Make a copy of PsiDatRSC.English
  2. Rename this to PsiDatRSC.<MyLanguage> (where <MyLanguage> is your native language as you would write it; ie. 'PsiDatRSC.Francais' instead of 'PsiDatRSC.French')
  3. Open the file (it's just a PsiDat database) and translate the text strings in this new file to your language.
  4. Copy this file back into the \System\Apps\PsiDat\ folder.
  5. Select the new language from the PsiDat main menus. (NB: if PsiDat is updated and new strings are added your new version will still work but the new strings will just be in English)

You can also create a new helpfile PsiDat-<MyLanguage>.HLP if you are very keen.

Please send a copy so I can include it on this page and within later releases of PsiDat.

By prior agreement (only), I offer a free registration to either RealMaps or PassThru32 for anyone who produces a good working language resource and/or helpfile for PsiDat. Please check with me before working on these to make sure that it isn't already agreed with someone else.

The flexible (non-standard) resource file method used in PsiDat allows more than one language to be present on the EPOC machine at a time (and the latest English resource is always present). This means that older language resources will work on the latest revision of PsiDat even if there are new strings missing (the missing strings just default to English). I'm always grateful to those who can add these extras and bring the files up to date with latest revision -even if you're not the original author of the resource.

The language resources can also be downloaded here :-









Italian (includes help file)




You can examine the contents of the English resource file here.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004