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Pocket Computing / PDA Links

Link Description
3-Lib Steve Litchfield's site seems to have been around for about as long as Psion machines have been popular. Despite Steve's current leanings towards Palm machines, this is still a useful resource with a wide range of topics relating to Psion machines.

The history section is particularly interesting and there are also a few popular shareware software titles.
All About Symbian General information about Symbian-powered devices and a development section for OPL programmers, including a tutorial for beginners.
EPOC Chat A good place to discuss anything related to the Psion / EPOC / Symbian scene. You'll often find me in here around 6-7pm UK time (GMT or BST) on Sunday evenings.
FAO : eLocust Shows how the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation used to use PsiDat and RealMaps as part of its Desert Locust Information Service.

The program has been superceded by elocust2
FAO : eLocust2 Successor to eLocust
FreEPOC The most comprehensive site dedicated to 100% freeware for ER3-ER6 devices.
Neuon How can any name so short, be so hard to spell? Neuon have a good range of very-high quality software; mainly shareware but a smattering of good freeware titles as well.
PDA Geek Daily news about pocket computing, smartphones, and anything 'geeky' (though I wonder if these devices aren't mainstream enough now for this to be an inaccurate label).
PocketInfo This site is also maintained by Steve Litchfield - an unbelievably wide range of ready-made datafiles and spreadsheets, most available for more than one device.
Pscience5 Martin Guthrie's website has a number of interesting articles aimed at EPOC users along with his Clock5 program and colour replacement icons for netBook/Series 7 users.
Psion Place 'The' active Psion forum.
RMR Software One of the stalwarts of the Psion scene; affordable software and a good range for most devices. They are actively porting many of their ER5 applications over to ER6.
RealMaps My own moving map and cartography software for SIBO and EPOC machines.
Symbian Devnet All about developing for Symbian OS devices. Used to be the best place for OPL developers but now concentrates a bit too much on ER6
The OPX List John McAleely's list of all known OPXs for EPOC ER3-ER5

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