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PC & General Computing Articles

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WiFi (802.11b) part 1 Early in 2003 I was looking forward to being 'broadband-enabled' later in the year, and wanted to share the connection between 3 PCs and my netBook.

I started out in WiFi by sharing my main PC's modem via wireless peer-to-peer ('Adhoc' mode) networking. This article describes how this experience unfolded.
WiFi (802.11b) part 2 Stage 2 of my wireless setup involved the use of a D-Link DSL-604+ ADSL modem/wireless router.

I used this to provide my wireless LAN infrastructure while I waited for BT to enable my exchange for ADSL. The 604+ has since been replaced with a NetGear DG824M, but the principle remains the same.
WiFi (802.11b) part 3 In October 2003 our telephone exchange was upgraded to ADSL and I made the change from an ICS shared modem to independent internet access via the router.

Final switchover was quite simple and I'm now able to surf quickly anywhere in the house. Everyone's pleased with the faster access and the fact that people can now telephone us :)
WiFi (802.11b) part 4 The final(?) part of my article on setting up a wireless network gives a graphical overview of the completed network and describes the problems encountered in adding another PC using a wireless bridge instead of an adapter.
Recovering CF Disks... Article describing how I was able to recover a compact flash disk corrupted by my digital camera. The failure occured as the batteries died while writing an image - a fairly common occurence I'm told.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004