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Our 2001 Summer Holiday Snaps (Argyle - Scotland)

(Above) The small loch behind Ardlarach - said to be used by the locals for swimming but we never got round to trying it out ourselves

(Left) Walking up the hill from Ardlarach

You can just make out the very comfortable and well-equipped log cabin where we stayed at top right - this is worth a special mention because it was very reasonably priced and the owners, Phil and Val, seemed to have gone out of their way to think of everything we might need. During the week Phil kept surprising us with new activities for the kids - it's a lovely place to stay.


From the top of the hill looking out over Ardfern and Loch Craignish

I'm pleased to say that Anne finally got to see the rugged beauty of Scotland for the first time (shame on me - my Mum's a Scot and I lived in Helensburgh for two years when I was boy !)


My family on the road up from Ardfern to Ardlarach


Anne on the ferry quayside at Oban (kids are just out of the photo fishing with crabbing lines).


Crinan Loch

Crinan is well worth a visit. Has a lovely pair of lockgates that descend the canal down to the sea. Walking north along the canal footpath you get to see and photograph views like this.


Fishing is good here off the pier - kids caught a few rockfish and pollack just using crabbing lines and some two-day old herring.

We also enjoyed visiting the historical Inverary Jail (which looks like it was a lot more civilised and humane than English equivalents, eg. Norwich Castle) 

(All photos taken with a Kodak DC215 Zoom digital camera and resized for the web)

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Sunday, 15 February 2004