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PsiDat Revision History

Revision v1.25
Details Changed the button for the zPsiDatHTML button in the 'Default Table' dialog so that the delete key works properly again.

Improved the SQL search dialog so that it now uses a multiline edit box.

Added an option to create a shortname for each saved query.
NB: this option is deactivated for databases that already have a 'zPsiDatQueries' table. To enable it either :
1. Delete the 'zPsiDatQueries' table (obviously not recommended if you have many existing queries)
2. Copy the 'zPsiDatQueries' table to a temporary name and then restructure the copy table as 'zPsiDatQueries' with an additional 40 character text field called ''Shortcut"

Embedded the toolbar button icons in their own mbm file instead of pulling them in from ROM icon files.

Added duplicate record functionality. Pressing Ctrl-N will create a new record with duplicate text, numeric, & datetime fields (NB: this will not copy memo fields. To workaround, filter the desired record(s), save-as to a temporary table, and then merge-in the temporary table).

Added a <ICN> field modifier for memo fields. When outputting HTML, this will insert an image link in the top left of the memo text. The modifier should be followed by the number of the field containing the image filename, eg.
would use the contents of field 3 as the image source.

Added <NCB#> 'No Column Break' field modifier - prevents this field from causing an HTML column break. The value of # affects how this field is separated from the following one :-

<NCB1> insert a line break (<BR>)
<NCB2> insert a space character
<NCB3> no separation

Added a user-defined escape character (escchar&) to the memo text. Everything between two escape characters in a memo field gets sent to a custom OPL routine userHTMLesc:(v$,id%) when exporting HTML. If the routine doesn't exist, then it is output as raw text instead (providing a simple way of embedding the odd HTML command, for example)

Modified the HTML tabular export slightly so that turning off the field labels will turn off the table headings.

Improved the editing of bit fields when tapped.

Enabled keyboard selection within the character map selector (Shift-Ctrl-C when editing non-memo fields).

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