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General Links

Link Description
123-reg.co.uk These are my current favourite domain registrars. Main advantage over ukreg is that their DNS control is better, ie. you can create TXT records (needed for SPF)
Altavista One of my favourite search engines
BBC News (UK) Still the best News website around. Note: some browsers will not distinguish between this link and the one below; your preferred edition may be loaded instead of the specific one here.
BBC News (World) The World Edition of the BBC News website
Cellar Image of the Day This is an interesting 'blogging' site. Basically they put up some thought-provoking image every day and people from all over the world write comments about it.
Descent 3 Help This site provides detailed information on ships, weapons, and tactics for Descent 3
Dilbert Visiting this site is a daily ritual for me. I have to admit that some of it just seems too familiar (or is it just me?)
Earth & Moon Viewer Satellite Imagery
Elite Ian Bell's Elite site. Until recently, this was the most absorbing game I've ever played (multiplayer Descent 3 just edges it off the top spot). Became hooked on it on the Acorn Electron, Elite on the Atari STFM and PC - and can still get lost in it now when I can find the time.
Freedom2Surf My ADSL provider
Garmin Garmin is a manufacturer of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices for marine, outdoor leisure, motoring and avionic applications.
Google Another popular search engine
Google Maps Is there anything that Google don't do well?
Grumbletext Have you received a text message on your phone claiming you've won a prize? - most of these are scams designed to get you to phone premium rate numbers. Grumbletext list all the latest ones and let you report new ones.
Guardian Unlimited In depth news reports.
Lycos Another popular search engine
Multimap UK and Worldwide mapping with aerial photo overlay.
Night Owl Creative Opulent exotic fabrics from India and the Far East.
Pearls Before Swine Another great site and my wife's favourite cartoon. There is a great book out too called 'BLTs Taste so Darn Good' - well worth a look.
Peter Millican My 2nd cousin Peter's home page.
RAC Motoring and route planning information for the UK and Europe
ShopAtHills This is an excellent place to buy television and video equipment on the internet; good prices and personal after-sales service.
SpeedTest Very good ADSL speed tester (does not seem to suffer bandwidth problems like some others)
Star Trek Shiporama Pictures and information on just about every Star Trek ship design.
Streetmap Street level mapping for the whole of the UK and good tools to convert between postcodes, lat/long coordinates, and OS GB Grid References.
The AA Routeplanner Reliable route planning throughout the UK
ThinkBroadband Guide to broadband internet services and products in the UK
UK Reg These are one of my favourite domain registrars. They are low-cost and include free services that many others charge extra for (ie. DNS control, email- and web-forwarding). If you need assistance, they always answer quickly and efficiently. They don't charge release fees if you decide to move a domain, but with service this good you won't want to (unless you're selling one!).

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