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Software for Nokia 9200 Series

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I have suspended development of RealMaps for the Nokia 9210(i) due to two technical issues :-

1. There are severe difficulties in asynchronous reading from the serial port under the ER6 implementation of OPL. Spurious events are generated which can cause the program to lock up.

2. I have found the memory constraints on the Nokia (even the 9210i) a real problem. Although I've kept as many applications as possible on MMC, I rarely have even 3MB available for programs to run in.

This is especially problematic because RealMaps needs to hold large images in memory and move them around a 4096 colour screen. If I hold them as 4096 colour images this puts a stranglehold on the size of image that can be held. If I use 256 or 16 colour images then the manipulation of the image becomes painfully slow due to the conversion required to display the image on the actual screen.

PsiDat is somewhat more successful.

There is an alpha version available here

To use it, install the OPL runtime and all the Symbian-provided OPXs on the Nokia 9210(i) and follow the instructions in the readme file.

However, as of 14th January 2004, I've decided not to continue development on the ER6 platform: it just isn't as enjoyable as ER5

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Sunday, 15 February 2004