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EPOC Programs

Link Description
PsiDat... PsiDat

Freeware relational database for Series 5/5mx/Revo(+)/Osaris/S7/netBook
ChaDis... Intelligent battery indicator for Revo/Revo+/Mako
ChaDis7... Battery monitoring program for netBook and Series 7
RadFlaws (3KB) A simple program to give a visual representation of user-defined levels of porosity on weld and casting radiographs.
FavDat5 (4KB) If like me you tend to use a number of Databases on your S5, you'll find that you can often be in the wrong directory when you need to access your address book. FavDat5 is an Extras-Bar program that provides instant access to your FAVourite DATabase for the S5.

The first time you run the program you will be asked to locate your address file. Next time you click on the FavDat icon your addresses will be instantly available without having to track back to the right directory.

If you wish to change your favourite datafile then you will need to delete the \System\Apps\FavDat\FavDat5.INI file and start again.
PsLight5... Intelligent backlight control and battery monitoring utility for Series 5 / 5mx / MC218 (freeware)
KM-Link (1.5MB) A file transfer/remote file browsing utility that allows two Psions or a Psion and a PC to exchange files (it's the Windows bit that makes this archive so large)

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Sunday, 15 February 2004