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General Computing Links

Link Description
ADSL Guide Guide to broadband internet services and products in the UK
AntiVir Good free antivirus software. Small footprint means it is a good choice for lower-spec PCs
ArGoSoft Mail Server The best freeware SMTP/POP3 mail server; small footprint, SMTP authentication, system tray icon, optional web interface, & good logging.
Avast Antivirus This is my current favourite free Antivirus solution. It features incremental signature updates that keep the strain on dialup-connected PCs low, and checks incoming and outgoing mail.
BitDefender Free antivirus software. Quite comprehensive and has special versions for messenger applications, WinCE, Palm, Linux, DOS, as well as Windows
BootDisk Lost that boot disk for your PC? - this site can help.
DNS Stuff Useful utilities: Ping, Traceroute, Reverse DNS Lookup etc.
EScorcher Free antivirus software. Haven't used it but it looks good.
ETrust Antivirus This is the best antivirus software around and good value for money.
Elizabeth Peter Millican's Chatterbot for Windows (a variation on the well-known Eliza program)
Eyeball Free video-phone software. Works well even on low-bandwidth connections, but voice quality can't compete with Skype
GuildFTPd Good freeware FTP server for Windows. Works well with nFTP on EPOC devices.
HijackThis Very useful utility that can be used to analyse a PC's autostart itmes, browser helper objects etc.
HomePCnetwork Straight-forward guides on home networking
Internet Storm Up-to-date information on all the latest internet scanning attacks, trends, and vunerabilities.
Kerio Free firewall software. Prettier than ZA and more options but not quite as easy for people new to firewalls.
Mozilla Mozilla is the best browser and email client for PCs. It even includes a good WYSIWYG HTML editor.
NMEA-0183 / GPS All sorts of GPS information prepared by Peter Bennett
NoNags Freeware programs and resources
Online Security Check Sygate's site allows you to test the effectiveness of your firewall and checks for many common trojans and other security risks.
PC Flank Comprehensive firewall tests.
Signature My 2nd cousin, Peter Millican, has developed this system for textual analysis.
Skype Excellent p2p voice call software. Very good sound quality and works well with firewalls and routers.
Software602 LAN Suite is an excellent mail server program with a free user licence for up to 5 LAN users. It allows you to use a single POP3 mailbox to provide completely separate mailbox addresses. It also has built-in firewall features, webmail, wap access, and a host of other features.

They also have freeware 'lite' versions of Word and Excel clones. These run better on low end machines than the memory-hungry (but otherwise excellent) OpenOffice.
SpyBot S&D Excellent anti-spyware tool (and free !)
Sygate Personal Firewall Sygate Personal Firewall is free for personal use and a viable alternative to the free versions of Zonealarm and Kerio.
VDMSound Support for sound in DOS boxes under Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. If you want to play older games on a modern PC, then this is essential for sound and joystick support.
Virus Information Center Up-to-date information on viruses, worms, Trojans, and hoaxes.
Windows Process Library Ever wanted to know what all those running process in Task Manager are ?
The WinTasks Process Library contains information about all common Windows processes and is continously updated with new information. On this page you can find a subset of the most popular processes listed in WinTasks Process Library.
Wotsit's Format The Programmer's File Format Collection.
This site contains file format information on hundreds of different file types and all sorts of other useful programming information; algorithms, source code, specifications, etc.
Zone Labs ZoneAlarm firewall software. This is the most user-friendly firewall software around.

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Monday, 7 March 2005