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Links to Christian Sites

Link Description
ASA The American Scientific Affiliation has a good website dedicated to exploring what it means to be a christian working in science. Has some very well-written articles on origins.
BigIdea This is the new site that replaces the popular 'Ultimate Veggietales' website. Veggietale videos are an excellent resource for young children (and actually great fun for adults too!).
Brunel Manor Christian Holiday centre in Devon - a really special place.
Christ Church, Lowestoft The most easterly church in the British Isles
Cliff Park Community Church My Church - Anglicans & Baptists Working Together
"To live and to give the Good News"
E-Sword Excellent freeware bible software for Windows
Exploring Christianity Dick Tripp is an Anglican Clergyman with experience in parish ministry in the Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand. He has produced some very good articles on the christian faith.
God's Word to Women A site that examines women's role in the church
Gospel for Asia This organisation supports local missionaries working in all parts of Asia. With few or no cultural barriers to overcome, native missionaries can readily preach the Gospel to those who, unlike their western counterparts, have never heard.
International Revival Network Forums, chat rooms, news, articles etc. on revival, intercession, & prophecy.
Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer's "Life in the Word" website. You can listen to Joyce on the God Channel if you have satellite television (SKY Channel 671 8pm UK time) - very practical teaching.
Larry Boy A spin-off from Veggietales but the website is actually even better - great fun for kids of all ages.
MovieGuide Dr. Ted Baehr's movie guide - gives an opinion on films' content compared with a christian worldview.
NIV Bible Gateway Online bible - has other versions as well as the NIV
Scripture Union Holiday club and other resources for evangelism and teaching.

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