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by Kevin Millican

Screen Shots

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The LIMS main form, From here you can create and modify contracts, access the client file, test results, reporting, and all other component forms.

The tensile / compression test form. The form can deal with flat, round, and tubular tensiles and compression tests. Note the links to error calculations (see below).

The error calculation defaults link to the equipment being used for the individual load test.

Standard error calculations. These can combine relativistic standard errors with fixed magnitude errors (ie. an instrument may have an overall standard error value but there may also be a potential fixed error that increases in significance when the value measured is small).

Bend Tests form. LIMS makes extensive use of user-defined preset dropdowns. These speed data entry, help to avoid errors, and aid consistency.

Charpy Impact form. This has space for % Shear, % Crystallinity, or Lateral Expansion values, - as well as note markers.

Sentencing is automatic according to defined acceptance criteria, but this can be overridden (eg. when there are different criteria for certain sets).

Any number of additional test types can be defined as 'Rich Text' templates and easily incorporated within reports with or without images.

Existing templates from older word-processor based management systems can often just be pasted in without modification.

The 'Invoicing Worksheet' can be used to accurately prepare detailed worksheets and calculate costs.

Testing rates are based on a standard schedule but each client can be assigned different rates for one or more tests as required.

User-defined compliment slips, fax headers, surveys, and other paperwork can be created as templates and quickly recalled and printed with or without contract details.

The 'Presets / Lookups' button calls up a 2nd dialogue to provide access to various preset value forms.

This is the 'Laboratory Details' form. Shading and footer text colours can be assigned, along with address, contact, accreditation details, and company logo.

Printing of reports generates report UIDs, and print-run specific page UIDs automatically, to meet the traceability needs of all industries.

There are alternative report layouts available for different tasks.

All reports are previewed before printing.

LIMS features very high quality output in colour or monochrome on plain paper, or can make use of existing letterhead paper if required.

LIMS handles preparation and printing of machine shop requisitions.

Subcontract requisitions can be easily generated and tracked. A tickbox is used to tell LIMS whether to use the full description or a generic one based on contract number.

Use of either method will depend on the exact relationship of the client laboratory to the subcontract one, and the level of information required on the subcontract report.