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KMscrollbars - OPL routines for EPOC

Current Release v1.02

These OPL routines and icons are freeware (subject to a polite acknowledgement) and may be used in freeware, shareware, or commercial programs freely in original or modified form.

The routines are easy to incorporate in OPL programs, fast to load, and are supplied as commented source code. Their use is fairly explanatory within the demonstration program and documentation file. If you are reasonably handy with OPL then I doubt you will need any support, but if you aren't, I'm unlikely to be able to provide much with my other commitments !

The routines work without modification on Series 5/5mx/Revo and the WINS emulator. They will also run effectively on the Series 7/Netbook.

Download kmscrollbar.zip (9KB)

Enjoy !

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Sunday, 15 February 2004