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Convert Windows BMP images to EPOC MBM format with a right click

You can now repeat the process for conversions in the other direction. This is similar but slightly more complicated:-

Now when you right-click on a Windows bitmap (*.BMP) file, or on an EPOC picture (*.MBM), you should get the option to convert between the two.

[When this article was first written, it only included the two convertors mentioned above. It has since been updated and now includes convertors for 16 colours (MBM16C.EXE), 256 colours (MBM256C.EXE) and 64K colours (MBM64K.EXE). These can be set up in a similar manner to the greyscale versions mention above.]

If you prefer to use a graphics package, you may also like to try the freeware program XNView which supports EPOC picture formats directly.

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Sunday, 15 February 2004